Sarah in Senegal

  • Fasting from Injustice

    March 3, 2020 by

    Lent was always so confusing to me. I knew that it was the time between Ash Wednesday and Easter, but . . . what was it? All I knew was that people gave up a lot of stuff, maybe because their New Year’s resolutions weren’t going so well. I don’t know. But recently I’ve come… Read more

  • Traditions

    January 15, 2020 by

    Along with the holiday season, it is the season for weddings and baptisms here in Senegal! I had the opportunity to go to one of each, as well as spend time with my host family and experience their holiday traditions. On December 21, I went to the wedding of Pascal and Mamie. Pascal is the… Read more

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2 thoughts on “Sarah in Senegal”

  1. Desert Hills Lutheran Church of Green Valley, AZ is pleased to have you, Sarah, as a YAGM that we can support in Senegal as one of many young adults who are making a difference globally through the Young Adults in Global Mission. Thank you for your detailed and informative blogs about your year in Senegal. Curt, global missions chair.


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